Terms of Purchase

You acknowledge that we cannot and will never guarantee uptime of the bot. You agree to not be refunded, partially or in full, nor have your subscription extended should the bot experience an issue that prevents delivery of this service.

Until your subscription is cancelled, we reserve the right to debit your account and you will not be refunded, partially or in full, nor will your subscription be extended should you fail or be unable to redeem or take advantage of your subscription.

Duplicate purchases will not be refunded, but you will be compensated with an extended duration of premium to compensate for the additional charges. Please note that refunds will only be granted if a duplicate purchase occurs in our error.

Disputing a payment will result in revocation of premium access as well as a permanent ban from SL upon your server(s) and your account.

We have a 4-day money-back refund policy for new premium buyers that purchase either the monthly or yearly plan; the permanent purchase is not included in this refund policy. If you're not satisfied within 4 days, please open a ticket from the support server and we'll assist you with a full refund. Please note that this does not apply to recurring subscriptions (4 days into the second month) nor does it apply to buyers who have purchased premium once before.